Is It Really A Farmers Market?
Green Undergrads

You all have a really great article here that I think a lot of people in the area would be very interested in reading. You’ve done a great job of locating a national problem, outlining it, and then doing investigative work in a local setting to flesh out how it is playing out in the Triangle.

There are a few things that could still use some work. There are a number of minor issues like clarifying sentences, linking to references, etc., all of which I’ve tried to point out in my marginal comments to you. The only major things that could use a bit more work are the conclusions to the final sections and the piece as a whole. I come out of the section on the Raleigh Farmers Market unsure how to feel about it. I think that confusion is part of the problem, as the regulatory practices leave everyone unsure, even yourselves. But I would try to draw that out, let people know what to take from your investigation, and maybe note that while you can’t determine which sellers are bad, you can suggest a few stands that you are pretty sure are legit.

Additionally, the piece as a whole could use a quick recap and conclusion after the section on the Raleigh Farmers Market. It would be nice to reiterate the problem and briefly state where each market stands in terms of it. You might even make some suggestions for people trying to shop in the Triangle, or for people that might want to get involved and keep the markets honest.

As a whole, this is really great work that just needs a bit of polishing and wrapping up to be near perfect.

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