7 Reasons Why Spikeball is the Best Sport Ever

Alex Osler
Mar 8, 2017 · 4 min read
Owen Carlson playing Spikeball

If four square and volleyball had a baby, it would be Spikeball. It features a set on the ground that opponents take turns smashing the ball onto. The goal is to hit the ball so that the opposing team can’t return it in three hits. It is often played two versus two. Spikeball is the best sport ever. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Spikeball is Intense

Spikeball has no sides and no boundaries. This causes gameplay to be intense, especially at the higher levels. As a competitive player, I have seen the best in the world compete with my own two eyes. Last year I watched a game between two of the top teams in the world. It was first team to 21 points, win by 2. The game went past 35 points for either team before one side finally won. The atmosphere while watching it was the most intense that I’ve ever experienced!

2. Spikeball is Stealing Athletes from Other Sports

The intense gameplay and atmosphere that Spikeball achieves is an experience that every sport strives to create. Since Spikeball makes this atmosphere so easily, it appeals to athletes of all sports who want this intensity. Skyler Boles for example, one of the best Spikeball players in the world, played tennis before he played Spikeball. He switched due to the lack of intense atmosphere. I also competed in tennis, as well as swimming, soccer, track, basketball, table tennis, and a few other sports before I finally stuck with Spikeball. I switched because Spikeball’s intense atmosphere causes the sport to be more enjoyable.

3. Spikeball is Versatile

Spikeball is designed to be playable on any surface. This causes it to be popular with a larger variety of audiences.

4. The Business Side of Spikeball is Pure Genius

Spikeball went on “Shark Tank” and got a deal! Spikeball has grown so quickly is because the company hires people who are passionate about the sport. Most of the top players in the world work for Spikeball, and their passion for the company they work for shows. As a Spikeball Contractor I have worked a few events for Spikeball. Even though nobody on my team had any prior salesmanship experience, my team and I still managed to almost completely sell out at the last event we worked. A big reason why is because people could see how passionate we are about the sport.

5. The Spikeball Community is Amazing

My favorite thing about playing Spikeball competitively is the community. The sport is still small so everybody knows each other. This makes the Spikeball experience more enjoyable. Since Spikeball hires most of their best players, it causes them to be more involved in the community. Being able to know a lot of the best players in the world and even be friends with some of them is truly life changing!

Part of the amazing Spikeball community at the West Coast Grand Slam Tour Stop tournament

6. It is Easy to Get Involved in Spikeball

It is also easy to get involved in the amazing Spikeball community. Spikeball has an ambassador program that anybody can sign up for. As an ambassador, one can buy sets in bulk for a cheaper rate and then sell them for profit. This causes both Spikeball and the ambassador to benefit. It also helps the ambassador get more involved in the Spikeball community.

7. Spikeball is the Fastest Growing Sport in America

Due to Spikeball’s competitive atmosphere, amazing community, versatility, and business savvy, Spikeball has become the fastest growing sport in America.

Spikeball is not only intense, versatile, and the fastest growing sport in America, but it is already spreading worldwide! Spikeball is being used for cross training and other purposes. In fact, Spikeball was featured on the Olympics in 2016 because athletes across all different sports are using it to cross train. It’s only a matter of time before these athletes convert to the sport completely. After all, Spikeball is the best sport ever. So, what are you waiting for? Get a set and join the community today! https://spikeball.com/