Lock Your Doors This XMAS

When I walked into class today I thought we had a new student. I realized that this student was a beardless Harsha. For some reason the first thought that popped through my head was what would Santa look like without a beard? I can only imagine that he wouldn’t look as friendly, considering he has that beard for a reason. The beard was grown to hide his true identity. Before becoming Santa, Nicholas was part of a rough street gang. This gang was bad news. People would always cross the street to avoid them and no one ever dared to look them directly in their eyes. The gang survived through the work of the elves. Being the hardest workers in town, the elves were extremely valuable. Nicholas realized he could use the hard working elves to create a monopoly and empire. So Nicholas devised a plan to get rid of his fellow gang members and take control over the elf population. Nicholas realized there was only one way for his plan to succeed. It all came down to the towns reindeers. Nicholas knew that the animals could be trained to be evil and eat all his fellow gang members. So day by day he trained the reindeer while waiting for the right time to strike. Nick knew that people’s guard would be down on Thanksgiving, so he decided to strike then. His plan worked. The reindeer ate all his gang members. The elves, stricken with fear, swore to obey and work for Nicholas. The police realized something was amiss when none of the elves showed up for work after the Thanksgiving Holiday. After collecting the clues the police discovered what Nicholas had done. As a result, Nicholas fled north and began to hide with his elves and reindeers. While in hiding, Nicholas began to grow out a beard to avoid being recognized. During this time, Nicholas realized he could make a financial killing by making and gifting toys to young children throughout the world. So Nicholas created the persona of Santa Claus and created Christmas. Despite his good nature for such a long time, Nicholas’s true identity and violent spirit does occasionally come out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQRx6MCDbLw .

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