A Moment of Zen (President Facebook)

So Donald Trump has fired his opening volley this week. It remains to be seen what will happen once Congress inevitably votes down one of his proposals or nominees in the next week or two.

But first, about this:

I think the “Zuckerberg for President” silly season has officially begun. Which is slightly less useful than the “Jason Kander for President” silly season.

As a point of reference, remember that Donald Trump was first floated for president in 1988! 28 years later, he was elected. On that schedule, we can look forward to Zuckerberg 2044.

Although, we might get Sheryl Sandberg instead.

Both Pando and TechCrunch have hit pieces on Sandberg today. Clearly somebody somewhere is upset with her. Possibly it’s just lazy tech reporters, who feel “attending a march with no stated objectives” is the only way to try to achieve anything in public policy.

Sheryl Sandberg would almost certainly avoid running as a “feminist” if she were to run. None of the “play the woman card” campaign memorabilia. Definitely avoiding the phrase “first woman president”, which HRC probably said 1800 times over the course of the campaign.