Nuclear Weapons Amendment

This November, Americans have a choice.

One candidate is Donald Trump. Trump has a number of unusual ideas. Some of them may be good for society. Others will be bad for society. In general, no matter who is elected, I trust Washington to figure it out.

However, I do not trust Donald Trump to be solely responsible for deciding the use of nuclear weapons.

The most obvious solution to this is simply to defeat Donald Trump in November. But I think a better solution may be to pass a constitutional amendment restricting the use of nuclear weapons.

I feel like the use of nuclear weapons is an important enough issue to justify a constitutional amendment. I feel like an amendment could pass before November, or at least become a major campaign issue. As a starting point, I would suggest:

It is the policy of the United States that it shall not use nuclear weapons, except in response to a nuclear attack against its own territory, or after a declaration of war by the Congress explicitly authorizing the use of nuclear weapons.

Any thoughts?

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