I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

I never comment on anything but why not. Here is my take on it, I’m not even going to get into the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist narrative because I don’t want to assume her intent but the notion that “Trans “experience” doesn’t equate the Cis “experience” in my opinion is valid, they are two different paths to womanhood yet both are equally authentic. The experiences varies based on racial, social and economic factors. Furthermore, trans women are more marginalized than CIS women, Because Cis women don’t share the “experience” of struggling to assimilate to womanhood or having your authenticity, experiences, basic human-rights and life be a matter of debate * at least in most countries*

Cis privilege is a thing and yes there’re a small amount of trans women who kinda enjoyed male privilege *if we’re going to disregard the fact that they were pretending to be cis males, struggling daily to assimilate to the aggressive and abrasive male culture* but that doesn’t mean they are able to pass or assimilate now to the unrealistic expectations of womanhood.

That being said, there’re some trans women who aspire to be CIS and even though I get the reasons behind that, it reinforces the stigma towards trans women. When one lives in shame that shame transfers to a partner then the society picks up on that and starts treating one as such. Obviously again I’m not generalizing or trying dismiss the horror that trans women and femmes face but both sides have real important points. CIS women need to realize that trans women are women and should be included in feminist movements and Trans women need to understand their need for their own space, their CIS experience/title, and platform without either parties being exclusionary.

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