Hi there. Welcome to my blog. I was challenged to start documenting my journey and experience at HackerYou. I’m currently enrolled in the web development bootcamp in HackerYou’s downtown Toronto school. I’m on my way to becoming a front-end developer but it feels like a big change from even two weeks ago. I’m one week into my nine week adventure and am excited for what’s ahead. Getting here was a year-long process and I’m hopeful and eager to get my hands dirty in code!

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Like many others in the program, I stumbled into the world of web development. After I had graduated university with a degree in History of Religion I started to do what every grad would do; look for a job. I eventually got some office job experience (unrelated to my degree) and ended up working on some cool transit projects with the TTC and Metrolinx. …

Alexander Shin

Front-End Developer based in Toronto. Board game geek, Boulderer, #WeTheNorth,

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