Can you imagine, say, a lion Think about the attack on his antelope? Or is it? Unlikely. A person always thinks, and he always has a script, and the script that is tied to his perception of life, in his usual self-regulation instruments, and of course as long as he is alive, these tools are included, and almost anything thrown into the matter.
Not with any docking destroys it “imaginary idyll” and it operates within the average minimum / maximum or something is either on the machine resigned to not to dock / or tries to pobedit.eto depends on the conditional “leveled” man, and from the warehouse nature, and of empiricism (what sort of solution to the situation people trained / interpretations what baggage he has)
Riddle lies in the fact that, according to my observation: people fighting or leaving the scenario, can not control his way, he is spontaneous, or inclined to conformism and it can also be good, but to a certain time, it is possible that someone then this segment-all of life.
And what remains? Learning to live with the instincts of the animal “man”? because “you” do not change, fighting the way of nature and civilization? Do not know …
Ignorance of the true nature of man, as a form of life has caused untold suffering in the history of mankind.
And if a man mired in controversy? If he is afraid to admit themselves that dawned on him at the time of the next concept comprehension of “truth” has exhausted itself, his brain will look for a new, and new … with glimmers of hope, he will always be able to find, in a state of child-like soaking sponge, dispersed state as a lifestyle, where the pursuit of pragmatism, paradoxically, is driven by an inverse relationship. Dirty? Jump into gryaz- be clean, not just answer the question of how connected these or other things together. Perhaps if then “you” have not demonstrated a basic causal link, purchase consoles, for “no triples in half,” then “you” would not become a successful entrepreneur, or precisely because of this, do you hate the whole world mired in money? Who knows?
Reading works on psychoanalysis / Psychosomatics can try to come to certain dogmas. And mosaic must be supplemented by a host of other experiments, or in any way. Consciousness can specify the environment, but it is difficult to develop as a limb, which revolved before the injury, as expected. Simple process can be difficult at first, in a word.
Returning to the scenario, the problem with self-consciousness, here are due to the fact that “you” do not end up broke already formed the foundation-or more simply “you” do not like who “you”, “you” remodel themselves, or do not bother. Control is no / no-abstraction and is not yet complete restart.
The whole secret to eliminate any mental energy is re-evaluation of its importance in relation to the reality of the present time.
While knowledge is important for the individual, it is stored and review the perception fail. Therefore it is necessary to carry out “an estimate without rethinking” of the past (knowledge / experiences …) and try to understand where there was a particular focus, which interferes with “you”

Caution Only for balanced, not prone to manipulation and personality disorders persons, such as the trail is a special brush stroke is not always a lot of effect, just in another way. I’ll translate this via google)))

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