Twenty20 Vagabonds

Is Twenty20 forming a new group of Cricketer’s?

It is not a secret that cricket is an individual game played by a team. The fact that you score a century but the team loses proves how individualistic it is. You can say that you are disappointed, but realistically you are screaming with joy inside.

The story that really grabbed my attention was the story of John Wright becoming the Derbyshire CC specialist T20 coach.

This is an example of how Twenty 20 is creating a new crop of coaches and players that are purely devoted to the shortest format of the game. With Australia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe, South Africa and now England (ironically in 2020) all having franchised competitions, this provides the opportunity for players to quit 50 over over and 4 day cricket to purely play T20 all year round and earn huge sums.

Too Many Chefs Spoil the Broth

The knock on effect means that they play with around 5 different coaches a year who all have different opinions. With this a player can suffer from too many opinions about their personal technical game.

The tennis example of a player or team having one coach for each discipline will most become more common — as it has done with Derbyshire. To maximise your earnings at T20 you need to hit balls out of the park, bowl at the speed of light and provide entertainment with speculative catches and run outs. The only way to do this is to have a coach travelling with you helping you with your game.

As the game develops, it will make players who are not rewarded by their nations move more into the mould of the Twenty20 journeyman — nearly all West Indian cricketers plus others like Shaun Tait, Dirk Nannes, Owais Shah and Kevin Pietersen are but a few examples.

This is not necessarily a detriment, but more an example of how Twenty20 cricket is changing the game. At the moment many players becoming the said journeymen are those close to retirement and use T20 as their last pay check. The only detriment will come, if nations follow the suit of the West Indies where their best Test Match and ODI players value a T20 franchise over their country.

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