UX Pain: Medium, Get Better, Now!

I decided to blog at Medium, thinking it’s the best, easiest, most modern blogging platform out there.

Turns out, it has tons of big and micro problems with UX/UI, both desktop and mobile.

I will point out some, for you, Medium Staff

  1. First, the suggested mentions need to be clickable! Just as on Twitter.
When you are trying to mention someone, and you are not sure if the entity behind a certain nickname is the one you mean, you want to visit their profile quickly and check.

2. You should be able to upload the video quickly.

Don’t force people to up their video first to a third-party service! Make it possible to up the video quickly as you write your article. Again, as on Facebook, as on Twitter. As in modern products, you know.

3. List management is fucked up
Just as here and now, I have to manually type the numbers. Because otherwise I cannot have proper bullet/numbered points and insert an image or video within it. Why? Because:

4. Shift-Entering and then trying to insert some content is fucked up
When you shift-enter, that Plus icon does not appear.

5. When you type in the Title of the article, sometimes the body input disappears and you just get stuck there with the title only.

6. In the iOS mobile app, I edited once the whole article. But it wouldn’t let me push it, because some fucked up error happened. It didn’t save the draft either.

7. We need a quick way to create a border around the inserted images!
For example, screenshots have lots of white space and thus no visible borders, and lots of text, as well. And so, the screenshots get visually mixed up with the actual article text! And generally, they are not distinguishable enough, while they need to be.

8. Also, why can’t I add or edit a title, in the mobile app? WTF?!

There are quite a few other problems and much needed features/micro-features/micro-interactions.

Creating an article here sometimes feels like fighting with Microsoft Word 1995.

You know what would be a great blogging engine? Google Docs. They have all the features and interactions in check!