Art Today

An artist meets with a critic, a dealer, a curator, and eventually a viewer.

“ I’ll make outlandish mysterious artworks” says the artist.

“I’ll say it’s visionary and cutting edge” says the art critic.

“ I’ll sell it likes it’s worth something” says the art dealer.

“ I’ll set up a landmark exhibition to show we are Avant-garde” says the museum curator.

“ Me saying it’s visionary justifies my job” says the art critic.

“ Me selling it like it’s great makes me money” says the art dealer.

“ Me acting as though it is cutting edge justifies my museum’s existence” says the curator.

“ We all win here” says the artist and they chuckle.

“But it is invisible!” says the viewer.

“ We know” they all say.

“It’s visionary” says the critic.

“ Its cutting edge” says the curator.

“It’s $900,000” says the dealer.

“ I worked really hard on it” says the artist.

“ But it is an invisible piece!” says the viewer:

“ You guys didn’t do anything at all.”

“ I know” says the dealer.

“ It’s cutting edge” says the curator.

“My thoughts are art!” declares the artist.

“That’s BS!” counters the viewer: “ You guys are taking me for a ride.”

“That’s the idea” says the dealer.

“ Revolutionary” says the curator.

“ It shows much creativity” says the critic.

“The art piece is all about you. It is what you think of it. I do not want to limit interpretations” says the artist.

“ But there isn’t even a starting point” says the viewer.

“ Leave preconceived notions at the door” says the dealer: “ This one’s special.”

“ Art always goes up in price” says the critic.

“ You says it’s only $900,000?” asks the viewer.

“ It’ll be two million by the end of the week” says the dealer.

“Avant-garde” says the curator.

“I’ll take it!” says the viewer: “ Here’s $250,000 up front.”

“ I knew you’d get it” says the artist.

“ It is something from nothing” says the curator.

“ We only purchase expensive, well established artists” says the curator.

“ The emperor has no clothes” says the viewer.

“ We know!” they laugh.

“That’s the name of the piece” says the artist.