My Medicine Cabinet and Why I Can’t Live Without It

A medicine cabinet s full of many useful and quite frankly essential things, from the obvious… medicine, to toothpaste, the tooth brush, the miracle invention known as deoderant etc. But, when it comes to my medicine cabinet the one thing I truly can’t live without is the mirror.

Before I continue let me just say that I would never in a million years ever want to live without those other things. It’s just that without my mirror I can’t see my teeth as they get whiter, or see my face get thinner as I lose weight. I’m not the type of person to stare into the mirror for longs periods of time… that is unless I’m having a liy sync party to my favourite Lady Gaga Album (it’s Joanne by the way) or the vast library of Disney classics that I know by heart. I don’t even particularly like looking at myself if I’m being honest, I always find flaws, things I don’t like things that if I had they money I’d pay to get fixed from said teeth to my cheek bones to my nose to my chin to my lips I can tell you that even as a guy I’ve looked at my face in the mirror and hated it.

So at this point I guess you’re wondering why I can’t live without it, well it’s for those moments when I find something I like. When I smile and I actually like what I see, how I love my crooked teeth, the space between my two front teeth or the shockingly large size of one of my canines. Or how I like my face structure. How my lips are the kind of lips people pay for or I have great eyelashes without needing to resort to mascara. Or how now that my face has started to thin I can really tell how expressive my eyes are. Or how on the rare occasion my skin tone is relatively all the same… it happened once and I still hold out hope it’ll happen again.

So of all the things that medicine cabinets hold, it’s the mirror that I could truly never live without cause even though it catches me at my worst… it also catches me at my best and when that happens I think we all know it’s worth more than all the bad times put together.

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