Concave Role Guide of New student Help

To the new people to get into the Concave, I want to create one guide to help all the people feel more easy to do.

  1. Miners: Join the channel and pass the certification

3. Hentai: respond to the first content in the #Culture-request channel

4. Choir: Produce Concave related music, published in #Music-Track-Rap Music

5. Foreman: BOOST for Discord channel

6. Spelunkers: Actively speak in the channel and enthusiastically help new students and answer questions

7. Seismologist: listening to music

8. Documentors: Participate in document provision, organization and translation in the #Documention channel

9.Explorer: Shuttle through various channels and have wonderful speeches in various channels

10.Witness: Modify discord to be the same as Twitter’s nickname, and add (∞) to publish the concave-related tweets, and send the @ConcaveFi Twitter link to #Social Media Proof of Work

11.Policy: Research all OHM forks sent to #Policy (difficulty level ++++++++) to provide a comprehensive risk analysis of relevant indicators for each fork,

12.Genesis: Propose your own understanding of Concave, CaveTroll penalizes the small black house for violations!!! Need to confess in #Utroll-pit And post in #research-center

13.Trainers: Fitness plans, suggestions, posted in 🏒・the-gymnasium



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