What is digital etiquette you ask? Also known as “Netiquette” which is the etiquette of the web. In which we must be cautious of our actions by respecting others cultures and views. Furthermore, I will now share 3 simple ways to for everyone to be at ease on the net.

  1. Bullying is never okay. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. This means be respectful of ones posts, and not be that person who bashes another person. Though it may be hard to abstain from commenting and voicing your opinion in which, you should disagree respectively.
  2. Keep Spam as the Canned Meat product. Spamming is never okay. We understand that in this day and age you want to adverstise and get your product noticed but you must be respectful of the specific rules and restrictions that sites have. People start become uninterested scrolling down spam and lose enjoyment.
  1. Lastly, dont’t believe everything you see or read online. Don’t be fooled over those fake sites and scams. Be smart and don’t be quick to judge make cautious decisions. When meeting people online always be cautious and safe as pictures can be very deceiving.

It is important to remember and use these simple steps. Be a respectable person offline and online and everything will be a breeze.

Photos retrived from google images

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