Today is World Suicide Prevention Day with the theme of: “Working Together to Prevent Suicide”.

The legal industry has traditionally been a very stiff upper lip, keep quiet and get on with it profession. Previous generations were scared of the repercussions of admitting to a mental health issue, and law firm cultures promoted a macho, competitive approach to the law that didn’t leave room for vulnerability and asking for help.

This was the industry that I thought I was walking into.

I read the statistics and stereotypes while I was at university. I read about the long hours, the stress…

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In my work, I’m often exposed to arguments for and against new technologies. An issue I’m seeing consistently in these debates is that critics of new technologies tend to compare an imperfect tech solution with an idealised, perfect and error-free human-led solution.

In a recent legal tech innovation talk I attended, panellists raised a number of concerns with new legal tech solutions including:

· privacy concerns;

· algorithm bias; and

· human rights issues.

However, in all of these areas, our current system is not kicking goals! I’m sure it’s not a surprise to anyone that privacy concerns are sweeping…

Health and wellbeing can exist alongside work and quality legal services — but it requires diligence and dedication!

An interesting side-debate has popped up in the conversation around the mental and physical health of lawyers: whether failing to take care of yourself or your employees is a breach of your ethical duties to your clients.

It’s easy to see how this question has arisen. New research is coming out (what feels like) every other day on the impact of lack of sleep, exercise and proper nutrition on mental performance. …

I’ve had two recent interactions that got me thinking about the future of gender equality in the workplace, and in particular whether it is a passing phenomenon that will work its own way out of the system.

The first was at a recent panel discussion. The speaker opined that gender inequality would just naturally pass as the current, older generation moves out of management positions and the younger generation (my generation) takes their place. The speaker seemed to think that the up and coming young men just don’t see gender as an issue, and wouldn’t bring unconscious bias against female…

Alexandra Geelan

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