why we’re building swsh

Ali Debow
2 min readApr 11


We’re building swsh to deepen the connections that matter to you.

Social media stretches wide, it does not stretch deep. We are given an illusion that all of our followers are our friends. In reality, they are not. Your finite true friends are lost in a daunting infinite feed of your followers.

You know who your true friends are.

Who are your friends? Your friends are those that flood your camera roll, you save up pay checks for to go visit, and are on your mind even when they aren’t there.

Your friends are your deep connections. What makes your friends special is that they are finite. They are rare, hard to come by, but never cease to remind you that you’re not alone.

Your friends are those that you don’t just want to share your story with, but those that you want to share your finite time with.

Social media has diluted your friends with your followers. Thus, the value of true friendship is lost on an endless feed.

The ability to reconnect with a long lost friend or family member is priceless. For that, I thank social media. What I cannot credit social media for is strengthening my connection with my friends.

This is why we’re building swsh: to share your authentic life with your friends — and to see them again somewhere somehow.