Why You Should Crush Your Children
CamMi Pham

I agree with this to come extent.

But I being raised similarly can say that being taught to always expect and be prepared for the worst also made me grow up with beliefs that life is struggle. And when faced with abundance, opportunity and a good “life” I still found myself depressed an unhappy because I couldn’t let go of this feelin that I need to constantly be fighting for something to exist

Happiness and life is not only about making urself proud and being strong through all situations.

I find myself understanding now that learning to live with others, sharing, being able to ask for help, learning when to depend on others and how to know someone is worth depending on. Learning to let go is equally important ( which is hard when ur taught to be prepared for the worst)…

So many other things that are important to experience life, love and connection.

Understandin ones emotions n how not to cling to them but let them flow through u. How to be activated into action and now completely overwhelemd… list goes on

(Not an argument to ur article just some


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