My mind is just blown.

I’m almost 28 and only now have realized how amazing my female body is. After reading a life altering book called Woman Code and blogs , This is Lifeblood blog. I was introduced to the concept of periods being in sync with the moon.

I had begun tracking my period through my iPhone app a couples years ago since getting off the pill and it’s finally getting normal. I’m not sure if it’s coincidence but since eating organic only a few weeks ago my period was a short 4 days instead of 7 and I realized my ovulation has linked with the full moon and my period with the new moon.

Insane to me is how these cycles work together and complete this monthly transformation all the time. Hormonal cycles being linked to lunar cycles is just crazy interesting to me.

Especially because according to Woman Code each of the 4 hormonal cycles that happen each month involve beginnings and endings to new feelings, thought processes, energies and more. It just seems to make more n more sense somehow yet still is fascinating to me.

I can’t wait to keep looking into this !

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