5 Questions in 5 Minutes with…

Darren Henderson from The Chilterns Vintage Cinema (and erstwhile Elvis Impersonator)

The Chilterns Vintage Cinema launches in March 2016 http://www.vintagecinema.co.uk

What motivated you to start your business?

As a Chilterns family we wanted more fun things to do, you don’t have to be in Hoxton to do cool and interesting things, as did our friends. I’ve a background in the entertainment sector and this felt like a natural move.

What are your plans beyond the current season?

We’re busy working on Season 2 with more screenings at the same venues as Season 1 whilst also adding a few new venues. We’re also working on the summer outdoor season with a number of venues secured. We’ve had lots of calls about private hire too which we’re keen to do.

The Chiltern Vintage Cinema’s first screening will be in Old Amersham at The Kings Arms

Why do you think pop-up entertainment is becoming so popular?

People’s desire to have new experiences. In recent Eventbrite research, 75% of millennials would rather spend their disposable income on experiences than products. I think this is partially drive by our fixation with devices, so a real life experience becomes an escape and more desirable.

What might people not know about you as a business owner?

That I once impersonated Elvis in a Christmas CD TV commercial which sold 800,000 copies! I have now left the building.

NOT Darren.

What do you love most about your local area?

We live in the heart of Amersham town centre. So getting the train into London, grabbing food from M&S or walking into the woods with Frank our dog is all within 5 minutes reach. We feel we have the best of all worlds.

Give a shout out to another local business who you think are doing a great job!

Peter Wells at Jacs, the artisan coffee and tea shop on Hill Avenue in Amersham. I loved getting my coffee in there and now they are a Chilterns Vintage Cinema partner. Peter works tirelessly and the coffee is amazing.

Want to know more about The Chilterns Vintage Cinema?

Film selections range from modern classics to the latest releases or old black and white epics. The film selections are made in accordance with the location and/or time of the year.

Staff dress in traditional usher and usherette uniforms and classic trailers will take you back to a bygone period. Refresh at the intermission with either some fresh popcorn or a luxury local Chiltern’s ice-cream served via the team of ushers.

​Locations are both indoor and outdoor across the Chilterns. Both are typically in unusual, unique and interesting places where you get the chance to enjoy the environment and the film simultaneously. Think stately homes, hidden caves, unusual museums and beautiful grounds.​

Book tickets for the upcoming season of The Chilterns Vintage Cinema below:


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