Any fool can exist, it takes a special kind of fool to live!

Last week we went for a small trip around Czech countryside. We travelled by train and there’s one thing I love about travelling by train — you have free time and enough space to think about stuff, to read or draw.
This time I thought about what inspires me to live, wrote it down and asked Jonny do the same.

Possibilities. Endless possibilities. The chance to learn, see or smell something new. To feel or think something I’ve never felt or thought before.
To live. Not just to exist, which requires next to no inspiration. Any fool can exist, it takes a special kind of fool to live!
When I’m standing in the middle of a train station and looking around, I watch all these people going past doing something, with aims, wishes, planes, problems and happinesses. This endless motion inspires me. This force that drives all living things to move.
When someone holds the doors to let late passengers get into the metro train. This almost instinctive wish to help inspires me.
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