Why is tonight different from all other nights?
In a majority of countries they have not vaccinated even one time,
In the State of Israel two times.

During the Passover Seder, we sing the מה נשתנה — Ma Nishtana — The Four Questions, which identify some of the main distinctions that make this night different from all other nights. These include eating only matzah,eating bitter herbs, dipping our vegetables twice and reclining. …

Can I have pizza with “tirs” please?

Tirs? What’s tirs?

Look there (pointing to the menu on the wall)…tirs, corn.


Ahhhhh, tiras! Yes, please.

I thought you wanted to order pizza with tears. That I will cry on your pizza.

HAHAHA. No, just corn. I’m learning Hebrew now, sorry.

In the game of COVID-19 Roulette, the line between player and spectator is blurred; the principles of “New Diplomacy,” or people-to-people leadership are tested; and our “new abnormal” circumstances demand critique and evaluation for us to adequately plan for the next phases of disaster relief and return to prosperity.

In this article, I outline my theories on The RED and GREEN Zones, which define what we’ve experienced thus far and what we can do to strategically advance into the coming days, months and years, respectively.

This is a Post-Pandemic Survival Guide.

During quarantine, we are physically isolated from our friends…

L’dor Vador

April 22, 2020 — IAP Open Mic Night

An essay and song in memory and honor of my belated grandparents, Papa and Grandma Marlene, and my Great Uncle Bob.

L’dor Vador.

“From generation to generation, we will declare Your greatness, and we will proclaim Your holiness for evermore.”

A mystical phrase, one with sacred significance. One that is recited multiple times a day, and that is remembered in our hearts more often.

L’dor Vador.

From generation to generation, engrained in the height of our liturgy, we learn and remember to pass our traditions, heritage, and even our humor…

I didn’t show up.

Today is marked as “#JewishAndProud Day” by the AJC.

To call me a proud Jew is an understatement. I have dedicated seven years of my professional life to Jewish nonprofits, visited Israel 9 times in as many years as well as several other countries, their governments and their Jewish communities, attend synagogue and events regularly, host Shabbat dinners, keep tradition close to my heart and more. And if you saw my home, you’d have no doubt that I am a Zionist, traditional Jew. But yesterday my loyalty to my people lapsed.

Yesterday, I chose to stay…

If you asked her a few years ago where she would imagine herself today, aspiring artist Adi Schor would have told you she was full of hopes and dreams but was unsure of her future as a performer.

Today, after three years living, studying and working in New York, Adi confidently says that her dreams have come true.

From the earliest age she can remember, Adi has always loved musical theater — her sister wrote in Adi’s “baby’s firsts book” that the first song she learned was Summer Nights from Grease. …

Why International Artists Matter

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” William Shakespeare, As You Like It

If you are a supporter of the arts, you know that a diverse talent pool only strengthens the quality and vibrancy of the expansive works available to us.

Art takes many forms. It can be visual, through pictures and sculpture, or performance-based, through theater, music, or spoken word, or as one artist puts it, “everybody who…

Libertad creativa, seguridad y el futuro de las relaciones México-Israel

Cualquiera que haya estado siguiendo los eventos actuales recientemente comprende las siguientes cuatro cosas:

  1. Hay una revolución artística en curso alrededor de la música electrónica y la cultura DJ / rave
  2. La seguridad está en alerta máxima en todo el mundo, debido al aumento del terrorismo de izquierda y de derecha y los ataques de lobos solitarios
  3. La violencia relacionada con las armas y las drogas está aumentando e impactando a muchas víctimas inocentes
  4. Israel y México tienen una relación internacional próspera

Escribo esto mientras que leo sobre la trágica…

What are the first words that come to mind when you hear “I’m on a mission?”

Perhaps you think about your career, your success all-around, alignment with your destined path, and doing good for the world. Maybe it’s an actual military mission, or a spiritual one. Or maybe you think, “Houston, we have a problem!”

Organizations fail without a clear mission statement, and without a long-term vision of how to achieve their goals.

So do individuals.

In today’s world, we’re surrounded by information and misinformation that often distract us from the truth and our ultimate missions in life. …

Por muchos años, he sido conocida como “La Gringa Latina Judía” en mi comunidad, entre amigos y también con contactos profesionales.

Esta historia comienza cuando yo era una niña pequeña escuchando música en español; estuve expuesta al idioma español en casa y en mis escuelas públicas primarias y secundarias; y por alguna razón, el español resonó conmigo. O que sea la cultura radiante, la calidez de mis maestros o los viajes personales y las experiencias familiares que tuve, el español se adjuntó y, casi 20 años después, todavía estoy muy conectada con mis “raíces españolas”.

Como antecedente, estudié español…

Alexandra Cohen

Driven by leadership and growth. Lover of Israel, innovation and world cultures.

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