“Her Campus” is the very essence of women empowerment

Em.pow.er.ment: the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.

The word “empowerment” is often used to describe the new wave of feminism that has been on the national forefront in recent years and has gained serious momentum since the election of Donald J. Trump.

This man — who now inhabits the White House — has condoned, encouraged and justified sexual assault and has generally behaved in such a disturbing way against women. Because of this, many would agree that it has never been more crucial than it is in this moment in history for women to stand in unity against sexism, discrimination and unjust treatment.

The website “HerCampus.com” has made it their very mission to empower women in such a way that has never been done before. Founded in 2009 by three Harvard graduates - Windsor Hanger Western, Annie Wang and Stephanie Kaplan Lewis - the company has earned its’ place in the world of media and is a force to be reckoned with.

At its very core, Her Campus is a perfect example of women taking control of their destiny, striving to be the most successful of every avenue of their lives and encouraging other women to do the same.

Their contributors that are located all over the world are strictly women who are in college pursuing various degrees and are trying to have their voice be heard by the world.

These young journalists cover a wide array of topics: from career advice, to love articles, to news. They are all in college pursuing degrees and many have gone on to securing internships at some of the biggest publications in the world after writing for Her Campus.

The fact that it is all women is what makes the company so stand out in such a saturated market. And clearly — it has made them very successful.

Her Campus grown from a small start-up to having writers from 350 colleges worldwide and over 11,000 contributors.

Samantha Burke, a production and support associate of Her Campus, was one of those contributors and now works full time at the company’s headquarters. During an interview, she was asked why she believes Her Campus has had so much success.

“The biggest thing is that the founders found a hole in the market, there was a need for it.”

She is referring to the need of young journalists to have a platform but also for their readers to have a place to get their questions answered, to stay informed and most importantly — to feel supported by other women and other women only.

“It is a great platform for [mostly] women to connect, but also with people who have the same career paths as you,” she says.

Burke was a pre-med student and described that it was taking a toll on her phyically and emotionally. She decided to pursue a completely different path: to become a writer.

She attributes this radical change in career aspirations to her experience as a contributor with Her Campus.

“If I hadn’t joined I wouldn’t have had an idea of where I am or what I was doing,” she expressed, “I love being a part of something that did something really good for me.”

Their headquarters embodies that same encouraging spirit that Burke seems to be somewhat mesmerized by. Upon arrival, the high-energy positive energy that surrounds it and its’ employees is contagious. It is easy to see why she stopped pursuing a career in the medical field to be a part of this team.

Gina Escandon, an associate editor of Her Campus, shares the same feelings as Burke does for the company. In an audio interview, she described her thoughts about the company and her experience working there thus far.

It is without a doubt the employees of this publication are extremely proud and the sense of fufillment they feel to be working there is inspiring to say the least.

Her Campus continues to grow and be a place where the women who work there feel ecstatic to go to into the office every single day, for its writers to freely express themselves, but most importantly: it is a place where women wholeheartedly support one another — which is the both the rarest and most unique characteristic of the company of all.