I… am… job.

The job hunt begins! I have recently completed my 9-week, 400+hour Front-End Web Development Bootcamp at HackerYou in Toronto and now I’m looking for a full-time web dev/design position.

Phone Interviews, right?

I have a Bachelor of Design from OCAD U focusing in Illustration. I’ve been saying this phrase over and over in the last few days looking for employment. I want to design, I want to code, I want to be apart of an awesome team and go out for lunches and laugh about how stressed I was back in my HackerYou days.

But alas, the greatest things in life are not aways easy. I have not been unemployed for more than a month since I was thirteen. Even during my years at OCAD U, I had a steady part-time hosting at several fine-dining restaurants to pay for groceries and art supplies.

So now is the time I have to develop more projects, write more javascript, read more dev books, and watch more tutorials between interviews. I’m currently reading up on CSS Specificity and how I can prevent future bugs with proper identification. Headphones on, hunkering down.