There’s No Crying in JavaScript

JavaScript. Ah yes. My first experience with JavaScript reminds me much like the time I was learning french in the fourth grade. “Quel”? “Qu’il”? SO HARD. DOES NOT UNDERSTAND. I remember just staring at my homework assignment faced with a blank. Much is like JavaScript. Nothing makes sense. Up in down. Day is night. After taking on the basics of HTML5 and CSS I thought that my brain was adjusted to crazy rules and orders. Not. The. Same.

JavaScript is like any language- you can’t just pick it up by rolling your r’s.

Enter Google. Google is Based God. Google is life. It is near impossible to memorize all that is JavaScript so it is best to tackle what you can and google the rest. The two most important things to do is 1.Not Cry. and 2. Know the answer that you are looking for. You are telling the computer what to do and exactly how to go about doing it.

So, just like I eventually learned to stumble my way through Paris (“Combien est-ce stylo noir?” -real conversation a-thank you) I am slowly learning the language of JavaScript. Read the blogs. Read the articles. And have faith jQuery has a better solution.

And because this is just more than a diary entry, here is an example of my learnin’….. look at that console!!!

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