Written by Andrei Ramba

It has been well known for centuries that our earth is in danger and we have done much about it. Climate change is a much discussed topic, which brings us concern and melancholy. We live in 2019 and we still haven’t figured out how to stop our earth from dying. In this article I am going to present the most important issues regarding climate change.

Evidences — Why shall we believe that our earth is in danger?

The Earth’s climate has changed throughout history. Just in the last 650,000 years there have been seven cycles of…

Written by Alexandra Ghitescu

What do people care about? What do they want to read? How can we get their attention and keep them interested for an amount of time? All of these questions are tricky but one thing is for sure: people cannot be interested in things they don’t even know exist.

Every day we go to school or work and we pass the same people and get used to them. We think that we know them but there is always so much we don’t know. …

Written by Sonia Igna

Have you ever heard about the Royal Protocol? What about it being broken? There are some rules which every royal family member must follow. You may think that someone who broke these rules might not have known or not have been aware of them. But actually, this is out of question because you can’t be part of the royal family and not know at least the basic rules! And if the person continued to break the protocol repeatedly, then they must have done it on purpose.

Diana Frances Spenser would often break this protocol. She picked…

Written by Sorina Șchiopu

Journal Entry, 2X31

Hello once more, my dear diary…

There was nothing around me that day that managed to catch my attention. It was raining outside as it did in all the other days. I remember feeling desolated for a short while and then smirking at myself for being such an emotional mess. Even now, the fact that I’m writing this makes me giggle that I’d much rather burst out laughing and close this notebook right now. I don’t know why exactly I’m doing this, but does it shoot my boredom right between the eyes? Yes…

Written by Miruna Candea

“Ten minutes until the show starts.” My hands are shaking and my heart is beating faster than a child running to buy chocolate. I look again at my bun and make sure it won’t fall during the dance. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. Fear, pain but also excitement and a lot of happiness are running through my body. So many feelings…so many ways everything could go very wrong or…so many ways I could shine and get remarked by a big dance company.

While I am waiting for the beginning of the show…

Written by Sorina Șchiopu

So you brought that brat here, but now…what will you do?
His thoughts were chanting at the back of his head, louder and louder. Why did he even agree to bring her back for interrogation? She looked so young, merely a confused, lost child, surely not a-
“Just what are you doing, Mister?”
A voice. The girl. That’s right. She had spoken and now, there was no going back. He had to question her and serve the Kingdom that had taken so much away from him.
“There is no point in wasting such a question on…

Written by Karina Dănilă

“Franny and Zooey” is a book written by the American author Jerome David Salinger, which consists of the short story “Franny” and the novella “Zooey”. They were published in 1955, respectively in 1957.

“Franny” tells the story of Franny Glass, who is Zooey’s sister and an undergraduate at a small liberal arts college. “Zooey” is set shortly after “Franny” in the Glass family’s apartment located in New York City’s Upper East Side. The American family and the ideas of religion and spirituality are the main topics of the story. …

Written by Sorina-Cristina Șchiopu

The light of the human dawn was cupping my cheeks. I opened my weary eyes and, looking around for a moment, I let out a divine sigh. I was going to be late for school!

I crashed into the door, giving it no other option than to open itself, to kneel before me…. ahem. Yet, the second I stepped out, warm light embraced me again. My heart melted. After all, I had always been surrounded by darkness… .

“You are cruel, my Goddess”, I said, unaware of someone’s gaze resting on me. However, when my eyes…

Written by Gabriel Thomits

February 19th 2019 was the day the world of fashion stood still: the Internet was flooded with pictures of the recently passed Karl Lagerfeld. They all had a bitter caption, expressing the poster’s sorrow for the death of this very influential man. He had perished from pancreatic cancer.

Having worked for Fendi, Chloé, Chanel, Jean Patou and his self-entitled label, the elderly cat loving designer has established a name for himself in the world of fashion thanks to his designs and multitasking abilities, not to forget his blunt way of expressing his feelings (basically hating almost…

Written by Andrei Ramba

When it comes to sports, everybody thinks of soccer, football, basketball, tennis and so on. I do not judge anyone by thinking like that; these ones are the truly, played-on-the-field sports. Unlike these, there is one sport that includes a lot of art: the men wear Latino bodies or tail suits, nice looking pants, shiny shoes with little heels, and the women wear aesthetic, overloaded make-up, finely cut dresses and a well-made hairstyle. This sport is called ballroom dancing, one of the oldest and must see entertainment sources ever.

Alexandra Ghitescu

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