0.5. Introducing the concept

This (let’s call it platform) is for stories. It’s not a unique concept, nor a very deliberate one, and it’s definitely not a concept of my own. But like most things, it’s inspired by the unique ideas of others, among them a small café/work space in Beirut with the best service ever given by a man offering cookies with your coffee.

This is the simple setup; some stories will be short, some longer. Some might attempt to be funny while others might be serious (and some might even carry a message or a critique on society). Some people want to remain anonymous and I will respect that. Some are my friends, some are strangers. Some people might occur more than once. Sometimes I might write in Swedish.

I write these stories not because they can’t be told by the persons themselves, but because they inspire me more than anything. At least one of them will inspire you too.

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