How To Choose The Best Video Recovery Service

One (or many) of your media files is critically damaged, and it won’t play back in any video player. The thing you would do is to go asking Google for an advice, right? And as it provides you with a variety of data recovery tools and services, you easily find yourself in a fog.

So how to choose what is best for you? And which tool would work better for your file, as each case might be different?

If you suspect the video/audio data inside your file is valid, and it is metadata (indices/media data format etc) that is missing, you can choose any online service that meets some certain criteria for a perfect data recovery solution.

  • A no-licensed tool

You are not going to use it daily, are you? So why buying a license for something you will only use once or twice? And besides, one software won’t work in every single case and for every single damage, as those might have different causes.

  • Online vs desktop.
    Unless you want to install some malware to your computer, don’t risk downloading any unsolicited/unfamiliar/doubtful software. If you are afraid of uploading your content to an online service, think again. No data recovery website is interested in your content. In fact, some of them even warn that they won’t keep your damaged file forever, and that your recovered video would be removed from the server within the next few days. The reason for this is simple: they want to make money on data recovery, not on using your data in some malicious way. Also, they are not a hosting service, so they’ll get rid of your data as soon as you show no further interest in your recovered files.
  • Simple UI
    Fixing video or repairing audio file might not be easy. Some data recovery services ask for a reference file and imply a strict order of uploading. You want to be careful and focused on the actual recovery by following simple clear instructions, instead of pushing yourself through useless ads and messy UI.
  • Rights protected
    Tools and services that have Terms of service and Privacy policy written on their website get a win against those that don’t. Also, it is a good sign when you can find an actual address of the company on the “Contact us” section.
  • Full-time preview

If you are not sure whether your file has been recovered in full length, then it is quite risky to pay for the service, as only the beginning (or any other separate part/fragment) could have been restored. It is okay if the preview is made in low resolution on purpose, as data recovery providers want you to pay to see the original version, but at least you’ll know it is actually there.

  • Prompt help/support provided

What if you experience any issues with the website/tool? Or you need an advice? And what if you have dozens of corrupted files you want to recover? A prompt and professional customer support would be awesome. It would also be perfect if it worked 24/7, eh?

  • Manual recovery if needed
    For specific cases, automatic algorithms might not work. Or they might not work perfectly. In this case, you will need a hand from a data recovery professional. It would be a good thing to find one right where you already are.
  • Reasonable pricing
    Nobody likes to pay a fortune. Whilst it is understandable that you have to pay for repair services, some prices are unreasonably high, whilst others boast to have the lowest range among the competitors. It might be the quality is not the best, either. So the price/quality value should be reasonable.
  • Discounts for large amount of data
    What if you have dozens or hundreds of files? Or you need to recover data from your formatted SD card? You don’t want to pay per file in this case, and you don’t want to pay a fortune for the volume of data (per MB/GB etc). You definitely need a special offering in this case.

Data recovery providers that stand out in each case would be the perfect fit for you.

Meet Restore.Media— video recovering service that repairs broken video and audio files online. It is user-friendly (very simple UI), provides a full-time preview, nice and quick-to-respond customer support, manual recovery options, reasonable pricing scheme, and huge discounts on large quantities of corrupted data.

Check out its video manual on YouTube and try out how it works for your case:

Found another interesting data recovery service that meets the above requirements? Drop a line in the comments below, and let’s take a look at that one!

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