The Ugly Truth About Going Freelance As A Writer
Christina Carè

Hi Christina,

Thank you for your views and fun article. So glad to hear other people get the same sort of nuisance clients that I do. (Or rather, not glad but relieved in a sense.) Although I can’t quite agree with your view on Upwork’s policy — they’re a business in a volatile sector, after all — , I agree that on platforms you really never stop learning about the ins and outs of business practice! My remedy against trolls, freebie hunters and sundry idiots: treat them like a shop assistant would. (Coming into my shop to view the goods and get help and attention? — Fine. Leaving again without buying. — Also fine.) Less stressful. Appropriating Oscar Wilde (“I am not young enough to know everything.”), I can say, “I am not young enough let wisdom reign and cater to every whim.”

Best wishes,