While school is all about studies, exams, scores and girls, you know it’s also about style and fashion, staying in tune with the latest trends, right? While we’re not asking you to try out the latest red-carpet or runway ideas, there’s something fashionable we definitely want you to try out.

If you have long hair and are getting ready for school, here are some easy and really stylish hair styling ideas. They won’t take too much of your time and will be appropriate for school too, while looking fab . So do try and let us know which ones you loved!

1. Multiple Braids With Pony:

While recreating this exact hairstyle for school may take time, here’s a simpler and faster version. Part your hair in the middle and create a middle braid using hair from just above your forehead. Now take some strands from one side and braid it. Repeat on the other side. Now bring the three braids at the back and tie into a low pony.

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