Netflix is on F***ing Fire
James McNab

Out of all the pictures for Narcos — you chose that guy?

No but on a serious note, I love this article and as a lover of network TV (and as someone who works in it, though now I am working on a show for NETFLIX oops!) I am glad about the way Netflix and Amazon and the like are blindsiding network tv. Especially here in the UK, TV is a three horse game and the biggest channel is run by risk-averse middle-aged white men who only ever want to produce the same rosta of period dramas, using the same directors, handful of writers etc.

It’s quality TV but it’s also complacent, boring and snobbish. Also as someone who does work in TV, it’s great! The 10 episodes out in one format keeps most of us employed for months, it’s like working on a movie production for longevity.