Gay Sex
Mof Gimmers

You’re right, but i always think there is something inherently wrong with anyone whose mind jumps to sexual intercourse first when discussing their disdain. Its almost always borderline obsessive hate, as if they’re trying to convince themselves and others by shouting the loudest about how much they disprove. I would consider myself a believer in God. But the same way my father just didn’t think going to Church was a definitive or conducive way to prove his beliefs, I just don’t get why people never practice what they preach. There is nothing more vile to me than people judging others for who they love or the way they live their lives . Some of the most beautiful relationships I know of, IRL, happen to be same sex. It’s so important for us to talk openly and be accepting. Sex Ed is important from a young age, I think in this day and age, but relationships and loving bonds before all of that is key. Many of the next generation have/will be born into a world of same sex parents and so it should be reflected in the day to day. I will say that film and Tv (the source of many a stupid persons beliefs) hasn’t helped over the decades. They’ve sometimes made it crass and secretive and surface. Only up until recent shows have we been given deep, fleshed out and rounded gay characters whose sole characteristic isn’t ‘Gay’.

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