Serene little paradise in the Lesser Cyclades

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Iraklia island port — it doubles as a beach

What happens when a creative and a technocrat suffer from burn out, have limited time resources and it’s the dead of summer? They go on a holiday to Iraklia — a small island in the Lesser Cyclades, where time expands and stress is an unknown word.

The Real Queen of Stuff working from a veranda in Mykonos island in a blue bikini
The Real Queen of Stuff working from a veranda in Mykonos island in a blue bikini

26 elements of the season, Greek style

Aegean sea. Can you think of anything better?

Boyfriend — the absolute summer accessory.

Cocktails, with veranda views.

DIY — tons of. To replace the gym.

Easy living. Anything else is in poor taste.

Fish. Can’t get enough of it.

Gardening. Barefoot. Because it is nice to connect with the earth.

Holiday — a 3 month one for that matter. It’s a mindset.

Ice-cream, every day. F@ck calories.

Joke’s on you.

Killer sunsets that will warm your heart when winter comes.

Love me, love me, love me, say you do.

Midnight, and the evening is just starting to heat up.

Naps. …

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CALL FOR ARTISTS — We are inviting artists to submit small format artworks for the 9th edition of the SURPRISE benefit exhibition for the support of the homeless of Greece.

SURPRISE is a campaign that mobilises the power of art to offer help in major social issues. Since 2009 more than 2000 artists from around the world have contributed their works in exhibitions in Greece and Ecuador. The upcoming edition will take place in Athens, for the support of the city’s homeless.

Each edition of SURPRISE features around 300 artists from around the world. All artworks are small format, are offered for the same symbolic price, and are signed at the back. …

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75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island. It doubles as a highway and you must give way to helicopters.

It looked like a boring summer ahead until an opportunity to cross the world for a visit to the Australian Sunshine Coast unexpectedly came up. Having dear friends around the world is the best gift nomadic lifestyle has afforded me. There was no overthinking this, arrangements were made in no time. The 21 hour flight (actually the quickest route between Athens and Brisbane) was a breeze, by way of watching 8 movies between snoozing.


Alexandra Kollaros

Art Promoter, Author, Traveller - The Real Queen of Stuff

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