A Day in the Life of a Woman

She rose in the morning feeling like she could take on the world. It was a busy day, so she skipped the makeup but kept to a badass casual set showcasing her finest feature: her legs.

“Fuck it!” She yelled out. Her dog barked to agree.

“Today is going to be a good day.”

She walked to her car, she took a minute to adore the sleek Pumas and leggings she put on, accented by the boyfriend’s baseball tee. Her braids perfectly coiffed and her sunglasses overly big, she affirmed herself in the window;

“Damn right I’m hot”.

She sat in a casual meeting, it’s going over the weekends events. Her colleague caught her eye. Her colleague dressed up, with a new outfit she found online. Her colleague looked like she was right out of the pages of Nylon. Her face contoured perfectly (a technique our character never really got). Hipster, goth, classic chic.

“She really outdid herself this time” our character thought.

“I should have put makeup on”. She stared down at her Pumas.

Finally time rolled around and she decided to treat herself to that new garden eatery – the one with the special juice bar. She loves it there. It’s her little slice of the high life.

As she walked up to the counter to order, a beautiful Morroccan woman is behind the till, eyes as blue as ice. Our character shot her a smile, but caught the barista looking up and down as if she was a maid in the middle of a ball.

“Just to let you know this is all vegan, ma’am”

“I know! Isn’t it great?”

“What do you want?”

As she ordered, she wondered why this woman acted as she did.

“Maybe make up was a definite today. I should never go out so casual without something to dress it up. Wait, do I smell? Did bae wear this already?”

She quickly tries to discretely smell herself.

“No. Maybe it was a bad idea to be so casual going to a higher end place” she starts looking at her phone.

As she’s walking, she decides to start on Instagram. Looking for new things, new looks, new ways to present herself with what she has.

“Maybe I just need a fresh take!”

She looks, she scrolls, she starts to wonder

“Maybe I should go with another look. Maybe this one isn’t the best for me or for my height. They usually say tall women who aren’t as muscular shouldn’t wear leggings. Or maybe I should do the flowy witch thing? But that means make up every day. Ugh so much work”

She continues to scroll, gets to her car. Throws her phone at the back of the car.

At dinner, she greets her man with a somber

“Hey, how was your day?”

He keeps talking about everyone at work and everyone whole he spoke too. He tells her of a new woman at work she’d get along great with – a woman who’s into a little more fashion and could probably get her inspired. He talks about the work itself and all the wonderful things going on.

She smiles, but it’s evident it’s hard to keep smiling.

He asks her what’s wrong.

“I’m just tired, you know how I get. All bummy and done”

He hugs her. Tells her he loves her. She sits as he goes to take a shower.

She starts looking as what bae posts. Starts looking at the women who like his images. She starts wondering why he’s even with her, why when she’s obviously not as great as she seems.

She tries to keep upbeat the rest of the night, but ends up hiding in work. Hiding in work always just keeps them from asking.

It’s the end of the day. She and her bae are in bed. He’s scrolling and commenting and she’s laying there, looking at the ceiling. She wants to cry but knows it’s not the time nor the place. She’s in her head about everything that happened and wants to start talking. She wants to say everything and tell him how much she feels hurt and insecure and scared that he’s never going to love her – but she doesn’t. She can’t. Why would she?

He kisses her goodnight and holds her tight. She feels done and starts to tear up.

“It’s just another day” she says to herself.

“Tomorrow will be a good day, it has to be”

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