Dogs, kids, shit on the shovel

I woke up this morning feeling perfect. The weather finally got off it’s ass to be beautiful and tolerable without a jacket. I got things done. I was able to get ahead of what I needed to do. Funny thing is, at 28 this should be second nature but really we all want to hide from it.

Adulting scares us. With so many millennials now living an extended childhood (thanks recession!) we don’t have to worry about acting right. 50 is the new 30, so why the hell should we give a shit to do chores ourselves? I know of so many millennials with kick ass careers, but are still at home and are perfectly fine with having mom clean up, or dad make some some bbq. This isn’t right. It’s like the 90s gave us the softbed fall into laziness. It’s easier to hide in our childhood home than *gasp* actually taking on more we can chew. Our parents get it — we have it harder than they ever did. The boomers are probably the only generation out there that had everything set for them, becasue no one wanted to see the inside of a gulug again. Yet, here we are in 2016, and instead of great progression in terms of social motivation, we have grown adults battling over stupid items like a Japanese-written, main character caucasian story, not being cast with a Japanese actor becasue the writers inteded for the character to be white, becasue of the whole socio-centric interest on American culture. WELCOME TO 2016 where everyone is so bored with life, we have to nitpick playing pretend.

People have nothing to do. Millennials especially are afriad to do more than they have too. The ones that do, succeed tremendously and have so much to show for it. The rest of us have panic attacks, and call triggers because we don’t want to be reminded how to get a grip and get over things.

We need to start taking responsibility, and act like fully fledged adults. Read the paper, not Facebook. Read about stocks, and world events, not just react within the fellowship of the people. We need to stop worrying about clicking and liking our way to fame, and finally get our from our parents basement to take risks. Why shouldn’t we take risks? If anything the fact we have the safety net of our parents means we should do more. I was a little punk shit getting into trouble as a teen, that taught me strength and confidence to know the REAL WORLD. Not just watch it on TV.

Guess what? Its not a shame for people to have kids. At 22, why not? It’s not losing yourself and your youth, it’s stepping up and taking accountability for this tiny, fragile thing by working hard and wanting to provide. We shouldn’t want someone else to provide for us. We should want to do it ourselves. Yet the constant heliocopter parenting that we had, has made us soft and scared.

Get out from behind the computer, and start objectively looking at your peers. Has much changed since high school? Have they taken a leap to owning, or renting on their own? Do they know how to make a 4-course dinner for 12 people?

These are things that were ingrained for a long time. You want empowerment? Try working 12 hours, then coming home to vaccume the place hermetically, and making dinner. Oh, and making sure mortgages, insurance, groceries, hydro, and bills get paid. THAT’s something we need to start doing. Having stress. It’ll teach us to be a little more humble about where we need to be on a Saturday morning.

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