#NoBillNoBreak: How CSPAN is Protesting News

Yesterday was monumentous for the US Government house. After a week, and multiple bills on gun registry reform being shot down, democrats (and some republicans) decided to wage a war on bullshit. They sat. They stayed. They refused to leave.

This was all happening after a filibuster was broken, and again, yet another bill was denied on the senate floor becasue of lobbylist moola. So brave souls decided this needs action. However, something even weirder started to happen. Normally, the cameras in the various parlimentary houses are used to live stream everything from votes to daily operations of the representatives and lawmakers.

These cameras are to be used every day as long as the houses are in session and things are happening. This sit in started as representatives began to leave. Key persons started to yell, in protest of an unfair vote and a wrongful decision for America’s people. As this kerfuffle was happening the cameras went dark.

CSPAN was filming all of this and saw the need to keep the cameras going. One thing was taken for granted — the access to these cameras and who was behind them. All of a sudden the camera went dark, and CSPAN panicked. A moment of history was being made, and true political news was being denied. They had to be crafty. So they started with Periscope. The live streming app started seeing millions of people tune in to find out what was going on. It was so on demand Periscope couldn’t keep up so they switched to Facebook Live. The rest is still making headlines.

CSPAN, out of all the news networks started a protest, unbeknowest to their own institution. While media coverage is always retroactive when incidents are breaking, CSPAN held no reservation to broadcasting raw, live, and real events going on. It was the first time in a long time we saw the American media shift from a finely tuned orchestra of words, to letting things happen. This split second decision, has made CSPAN way more progressive and popular. The images being broadcast and even the memes coming out of it, haven’t stopped, just as every one of those governement leaders haven’t stopped protesting outragrous reviews of necessary laws to protest the American people.

Right now, they are going on 24 hours, but it’s well worth it. This experiment in live broadcast is tearning journalism apart. This is real news and real journalism. Unbiased, unedited.

The last 10 months have been a spectacle circus of news media being found guilty of advertorial sensationalism, bribery, marketing tactics to create clickbait instead of writing the facts. All these elements are making readers and veiwers completely sick of the news itself. When on Facebook topics trending are pointing to entertainment value over reality, you start to wonder, I started to wonder, are people even concerned about world politics? Or do they rather get excited in some entertainment festish, when they read something with more opinion on Doland Trump, than getting upset when bombs are going off and a fellow national is found beheded in the Phillipeans (Condolences to the family of Robert Hall).

Finally CSPAN said “fuck that noise”. They could have stayed blank, they could have restricted themselves to what’s appropriate. All the other outlets did. In their action, they have told the other media how wrong they are. Journalists and anchors aren’t getting to front lines, they rather update from a desk. But the journalists and interns of CSPAN that have stayed in the house for the last 24+ hours have now proved to every other media outlet how they lost their way.

Live streaming isn’t about creating an edited show, finding a way to make it look polished but broadcast it live. Even sitcoms in the 50s had their moments. Live streaming was intended to be live. No matter what shit is going on, no matter who is spewing crap and who is advocating for the morally accepted. Live streaming should be used as a tool, a vessel to broadcast what’s happening NOW.

News media is broken. It has been for some time. News media should be business, but not a profiteering engine of ads and only sponsored posts. If shit is going down, if people are protesting outside your door, if world wars are obliterating other nations and news coverage is worried about clicks — we’ve pretty much given up on real journalism.

I love how CSPAN is using this chance to show how news should be boadcast. Real investigative journalism can be broadcast right here, right now. To get the story and the truth, the person behind the camera takes a chance on their career and their life. If they don’t then the real stories don’t get to the people and we start to lose the sense of democracy and independance that journalists have always stood foor.

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