The True Sign of Triumph

Today I received the story of the woman who modelled for our Faith issue.

Cynthia has known Ali Cavanaugh for years. Ali’s brightness and positivity has always lifted Cynthia up — being a beacon both creatively and personally as friends for many years prior.

When Ali asked Cynthia to be her model, it changed her life. To many who take on the career of modelling, it’s another day on the job. For Cynthia, her best friend and closest cheerleader thrust her into a spotlight to be a model, not only for a portrait, but a model for a character that has created a serious change in how girls and women see themselves. Thanks to Ali Cavanagh, the world will see this character in a new way, a real way.

I asked Cynthia to write me a little about herself. She sent me a quick run down of the basics; no one likes talking about themselves. At first I didn’t want to push her. While 6ixCityMerchCo isn’t exactly a major name, I understand the retisence to want to share too much about yourself. But as I sat there, in my office at Lanch Lab in Kingston, ON, I asked myself: would I accept this from a friend? Nope. So I fucking asked to her be real. And she did.

I received her e-mail. I sat there, with the background music from Brad playing his telecaster on an old crate amp, tinny reverberations as he struggled to find the right chorus of notes. It echoed the words on the e-mail, and moved me to tears. Her words were real, raw. Here was this woman, who out of nowhere was asked to be a model after years of struggling with her self-identity, her self-love, hating every fucking negative word that was said to her, about her, finding the strength to be the face for a generational revolution. To be the face of her own metamorphisis into a real life super hero. For her kids. For the fans of Faith. For every woman and girl out there that struggles with the bullshit that comes with an highly aesthetic society.

Maybe I’m taking this personally, too personally, becasue I have a vested interest. But myself, after years of feeling worthless and second-rate, putting myself through physical trials in order to be beautiful or even feel satisfied, reading Cynthia’s words made me feel less alone, and more appreciative of the things I went through. Cynthia made a beautiful life for herself, and while she still struggles, she’s landed the man of her dreams and has two of the most beautiful children, bright and full of personality.

Ali made magic with this cover. I cannot wait to share her story and her words and finish this diatribe from her perspective. Ali created a new way of being for Cynthia. Ali created a new way of seeing for Cynthia.

Ali created a real life super hero in Cynthia.