Timeframe: 2 weeks
Client: WunderStudios

After only two weeks of collaboration WunderStudios was able to go live with their newly redesigned website.

3 things that made this possible:

The client had a predefined content strategy and gave me mid-fi wireframes to start from.

Every designer has a style and this project fitted mine perfectly.

One of the most powerful tools for designers.

The project

After shifting their target audience from kids towards women and mothers, the website of WunderStudios needed an update in content and design.
As the client was very clear about the structure of the new website, they provided me with mid-fi wireframes to start from.

Timeframe: 3 days
my job: UX/UI Design & photography
client: spreeformat architects

The briefing was pretty straight forward: Spreeformat needs a new web appearance which represents them as the design company they are. As the time constraints were set pretty harsh we agreed on just changing the overall look and feel.


Target audience

During our first meeting I learned that getting good employees in the architecture business is hard. For this reason the website has to speak to potential clients (B2B & B2C) as well as potential employees.


Our Persona Tina is a 23 year old millennial who is studying architecture. Right…

Going fully digital after 8 years of graphic design.

Last autumn I decided to extend my skills by attending a 9 weeks full time bootcamp for UX and UI design at Ironhack Berlin.
For me personally this was the best decision I could have possible made. Not only that I am up-to-date now with the latest trends, methods and field vocabulary, I also feel perfectly prepared and motivated for applying everything I learned.

Why did I do the bootcamp?

As a freelance graphic designer I somehow kept sticking to the fields I already knew. …

In days where accessibility became such a buzzword I wanted to talk about something that makes it impossible for me to literally access certain rooms: allergic asthma. I am allergic to many things but one is getting harder and harder to avoid: dogs.

Two years ago I had to turn down a really good job offer because at the end of the application process I found out that people brought their dogs to the office. That made me realize that my allergy became a knock out criteria when it comes to job applications.

The “office dog” became such a thing…

5 days Design Sprint — solo project
Figma / Principle / Zeplin

The 6th week of the UX/UI bootcamp Ironhack Berlin is over and it’s safe to say that I’ve discovered an honest passion for User Interface Design.

My graphic design background already made me assume that this part of the bootcamp would fit me better than the UX research. The pure enjoyment of accomplishing this weeks tasks gave me the final confirmation!

The Challenge

Improve the microsite of an event by taking the already existing content into account! Build an interactive prototype of your design using Principle.

I chose to dive…

The 5th week of my UI/UX bootcamp at Iron Hack Berlin.
→ Editorial design
→ working in pairs: Freda Asmussen and me
→ timeframe: 5 days
→ first time to design a digital product from scratch

The Challenge

Design a responsive online platform for a magazine, newspaper or blog directed to meet the needs and goals of your User Persona.

The User Persona

Image: Svetlana Pochatun
  • Paula
  • 25 years old
  • graphic designer
  • on the web she is primarily searching for inspiration
    + she is curious about creative ways of living (reads Kinfolk & Openhouse Magazine)

The Goal

The first day was all about diving deep into our personas needs, comparing…

The 4th week of my UX/UI bootcamp at Iron Hack Berlin is already over. After three weeks with a focus on UX Design I was super happy to finally dive into the UI part of the bootcamp. This week we only had 3 days to accomplish our task of adding a feature into an already existing app.

The App

Apple Podcasts is a free, pre-installed iOS app which offers 750,000 shows with over 20 million episodes to stream.

The project for my second week at the Iron Hack UI & UX bootcamp was all about e-commerce. In a group of 3 we had to choose a local business, do some research and find the most important User Flow to be visualized in Mid-fi Wireframes.

The bakery

For almost 60 years bakery “Ladewig” has been selling their traditionally baked goods in the heart of Berlin at Schlesisches Tor.
The family run business is well established in the neighborhood. They are also trying to reach new customers with an online cake order service.

Week three of my UX & UI bootcamp at Iron Hack Berlin. This week we were working in pairs. Anna B and me were doing a Design Sprint in four days by following the Design Thinking process.

The Challenge

Fun People Inc. is a company which offers in-person courses for adult education. The challenge of this week was to transform this offline experience into an online platform.

The Company

Fun People Inc. is an educational company born in 2014. They currently offer in-person courses of languages, music, yoga, cooking and first-aid for adults. Their main attraction is workshop camps. Dozens of people join every…

For my soon to start UX/UI bootcamp at Iron Hack Berlin I had to make an Usability Evaluation and Site Redesign for a travel app.

The app — Hopper

Hopper is a simple travel app with the basic features of finding the perfect flight and accommodation.
They are specialized in predicting prices and helping you book your flights and hotels at the right time, saving you up to 40%.
For a small fee you even have an option to freeze a price for 48 hours.

Hopper App

The user type

For this exercise I focused on one user type in particular:
Worldtrotter, Backpacker
— 18–38 y/o
You’ve decided to finally…

Alexandra Linortner

Freelance art directrice for product design, packaging design and graphic design — alex-design.at. Co-founder of glitterandtechno.com. UX/UI design student

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