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Where do you want to take your study?

Take your time and I will give you a clear research about who can teach you to be a professional designer and self-brand.

You can take the academic degree or, for starting your business or individual skills, you can take the Education for professionals. In this article I will represent you the roster of top five educators.

Let’s take the research about your future Educators.

1. Chris Do

Professional coucher. He created a team and a worldwide association for professional designers TheFutur ( You can take the courses in a few directions:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Typography
  • Motion Design
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Starting a Business Media
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Creation
  • Business

You can work individually with Chris Do paying 1500$. But you will have a guarantee in having s result. Now Chris Do is talking about the opportunities to become a billionaire. Is it possible? Absolutely.

Taking the course, you can be sure that you will be promoted by one of the hugest communities and find your clients.


The professional Association for design. From this moment, AIGA has more than 18,000 members. Sounds globally. If You are US citizen, you can apply for a scholarship.

This community supports professionals. You can use the different resources and independently to learn and talk about your findings. You need mentor for understanding the opportunities of professional communities for the first time.

3. Udemy

There is the platform for taking the course of your interests. It will be enough to start something new in the chosen industry. All courses are recorded and you have to watch it step by step. No option to be navigated by your teacher like it’s possible in the first (Chris Do) and last (Alexandra Miracle) options. There is a popular way to get a new skill quickly and understandable.

4. Jacob Cass

“I’m Jacob Cass and I started JUST Creative to help businesses grow & make a lasting impact on the world.”

Jacob Cass is one of the leaders in Design Industry for nowadays. He suggests the free resources: books, articles, podcasts, video sessions with designers. You can be couched by him for the discussed time and achieve needed result. One of the opportunities is to apply for the group where you will have home tasks and regularly calls. Result is your professional growth and improvements in creativity.

5.Alexandra Miracle Education

Looking for the individual courses, You can find the opportunities to get all knowledge what you need for realising your goals by choosing professional person. Alexandra Chudinova (Miracle) is a designer, artist, educator and PhD candidate. She has published a few books, one of her books is a professional vocabulary for the designers. If the teacher knows how to talk, he knows how to explain. She suggests a few courses:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Design thinking (her first thesis was about it. In her biography you can find the links on her publications)
  • Professional Identity
  • Self-branding

Alexandra works individually with each student and makes a study plan. Be sure that after choosing the course, you will know what you were asking before and where you can apply your knowledge for becoming successful in your direction.

The courses are available here

Biography and Portfolio –

Be professional and choose the comfortable Education for you!

Designer, artist, PhD candidate

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