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Around the world across the time, people create their wrapper like the cocoon. before opening the wings and being a butterfly. Brands make the quality of the cocoon textile for having the good dreams before the birth. What cocoon will be suitable and applicable for the environment? This question will be considered in the form of the office Dream. Director, manager, secretary, administrator live in the different cocoons, let’s to wrap them.


Company: Red. BrandDesign

Industry: Advertising/Marketing

Services: Research, strategy, brand identity, packaging, integrated marketing, environmental Branding


  • Creative Director (founder)
  • Graphic designer
  • Architecture and interior designer
  • Web developers (2 employees)
  • Wordpress developer
  • Customer development employee

7 persons in the one company

Graphic identity and interior. Interior talks in minimalistic language. Quality and the functional roster of the things are the main elements what tell to the visitor about the professionalism. No stress. Blue colour is the main player in the office space, what makes red impressive energy for a work, according to the studio’s name, balanced with environment. There is very creative idea.

Photo is by the web site http://redbranddesign.com/

Employees and roles.

The main person who talks with customers and has a public representation of the company is Renos Demetriou, founder and creative Director. What kind of identity he needs? Let’s go more detailed to the company’s needs. Company’s profile is: innovative, minimalistic, professional and qualitative. Colours and combinations:

  • red, black, gray, white
  • blue, black, dark and light gray
  • gray, silver, blue, red (smallest proportion)
  • full black and silver
  • purple, blue and black

Black. Authority, Security, Power, Control.

Blue. Logic, Trust, Management, Austerity.

Gray. Neutrality, Balance, Serenity.

Red. Confidence, Talent, Expression.

Purple. Luxury, Endurance, Taste.

White. Clearness, Lightness, Space, Wisdom.


For meeting with the customers or public events, Renos can wear the next look:

T-shirt. Diesel

Costume. Hugo Boss

Boots. Sail Laker’s

Tie. John Lewis and Partners and Myer

Graphic designer (female).

Creativity. Feasibility. Professionalism

Costume. Mango

T-shirt. Mango

Shoes. IamMoi

Embossed hoop earrings. Mango

Architecture and interior designer (male).

Self-control. Time management. Professionalism. Perfectionism

Shirt. Mango

Trousers. Mango

Boots. Flipkart

Web developers (2 employees, males).

Back office service. Feasibility. Deadlines.

T-shirt. Mango

Trousers. Mango

Shoes. Aircum

Wordpress developer.

T-shirt. Mango

Trousers. Mango

Shoes. Lapens

Customer development employee.

Communication. Cloud talking. Brand Strategy. Planning.

Shirt. Mango

Pants. Mango

Shoes. Stacy Adams

There is a full case about visual identity. According to the dress code, it’s easy to understand the roles, company’s goals and being comfortable in the interaction between the different departments and percept the priority in the all of the work process situations. In the way of visual coding, to coordinate the team work and stabilised office environment is much easier than without identity.

Case. After interviewing the client

ReD. Brand Design is my brand development practice. The seven people are the main associates of our practice. The office environment though was not built for ReD. Brand Design but for Creative Xchange with the “blue prints” as the main inspiration for the concept of CreativeXchange is the approach for our new company that me and my partner who’s an architect are forming to offer collaborative services of architecture and brand design development in combination for stronger brands entering the market”.

Renos Demetriou

The colours what will be used in the identity: blue, gray, black, red, white, sand colors. This combination isn’t annoying. The pattern elements are: vertical and horizontal lines. The work environment has to be clear, aligned, bright, air-spaced. Employees have to have a freedom in their clothing choice and feeling comfortable. Clothes influence on the social behaviour and effectiveness according to the work goals. Individually making the set of the possible costumes for the office, the right choice for being productive at work. The chosen brand for making the office look is Mango.

Costumes are applicable for the public and client oriented positions, like founder (creative designer), designer, customer development manager, architect. They work in the front office, when designer has a manager, this position can be moved to the back office.

T-shirts, jeans, easy pants, trainers and sneakers are applicable for the back office, web developers. It doesn’t mean that front office cannot wear this type of clothes, for the official vents and meeting people, they have to wear a strong style for representing their company.

Designer, artist, PhD candidate

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