#1 Father

My darling,

You have huge hands for saving me and huge ears for listening me…

You gave me the education, what is the most important thing.

I know how to talk, what helps me to become in society the intelligent person.

I know how to read, what gives me respect and dignity for my culture and country.

I know what i can do for creating my future and find a man who will love and will build for me house and tree… I’m your creation, your brilliant made by nature of your professionalism, love, kindness, esteem, honesty, honor, determination manliness and gratitude.

I love you, my father.

My pleasure to you for giving me the life and beauty.

#2 I’m a refugee

Dear Russia,

My name is Alexandra Chudinova. I’m your citizen. I’m scared about my future.

Because you took it. I gave you my proud, my achievements, my earnings, my power, my excellence, my talent, my youth, my time and freedom… But you are Empire, you have to give us, people, everything what we need. Please, give me my sunshine and beauty, what i gave you. You are a kingdom for people, who asks about protection, because you have LAW, for people, who asks about medical help, because you are a leader in MEDICINE and HOSPITALITY, for people, who asks about EDUCAtION, because you make high qualified professionals and have high rated UNIVERSITIES, for people, who asks about hope, you have the most humanistic RELIGION, for people, who asks about love, you have a huge FAMILY.I’m your creation, Russia.

But you don’t need me anymore.

You don’t want that i have to sleep, you don’t want that i can give a life and continue the intelligent generation. You don’t want to realize my professionalism. You don’t want that i can give a progress and achieve new horizons. You don’t need my love and worry for your people. No humanity anymore…

But i want to be intelligent, healthy, educated, beautiful and proud for my family, culture. I want to be a woman and give a life.

Russia, good bye.

Я отрeкаюсь от тeбя, Россия

#3 People

Everything what was made by people: beautiful buildings, beautiful pictures, bodies, faces, interiors, products, devices… creates by love.

Just with love to everything, people will look at the beauty. This planet loves herself and creates beautiful plants, nature, landscapes and loves people who obtain it through their beautiful eyes. There is a lesson to human how to relate to the everything in this world starting to himself.

Everything > Love > Beauty > Human

#4 Philosopher

God gives you a talent as a rescue for being happy and well-being. What people try to do with your talent… Right, to use. For what? For money… Could God give you money? No. He thinks you want to be healthy and creates the fruit trees, vegetables, plants and harvest.He thinks, you don’t want to be alone, he makes for you woman or man. He can look at human and think he/she is bored, God will make for him/her a talent.

He thinks it’s enough, but human doesn’t think so. God builds the trees, oceans, what the Earth needs and how this planet can connect with all what lives.

People can build and destroy, but if they will build they will use and destroy what God gives.

What is the function by human here, to give God a job?)

Who is a boss for managing land affairs?

#5 Dedicated to the beautiful and respectful woman. The tree

There is my house, my home of freedom, my history, my dignity and my kingdom.

My father is a creator of our dynasty who tries to save the justice, human power

of love and responsibility. Our happiness is when we are together, we can be in the silence, but our hearts are beating together. Our table can give us the energy for building new horizons in human perfection.

We are the kings of honor and virtue. Make the world better in our clearness and respect by woman as a God who can give a life and care about the generation. But War is destroyed our World and burned our trees what give the harvest of humanity and love. The War has kicked us away from the peace and beauty, from our house from the place where I was born. The wind has taken us in his hands and saved our eyes what can see the possibility to create on the felled trees the new land with flowers and Garden of Eden where our ears will listen the happy voices by rescued people, our hands will gather the harvest and our legs will go on our innocent Earth where my sons will know how to be and how to live helping each other and holding their hearth. They will make a new world regarding tradition, parents, woman and man.

I’m proud for my family and our power to create.

There is my house, my home of freedom, my history, my dignity and my kingdom.

#6 Wise woman

I invited one man for a meeting and asked him to take bread, cheese, white wine, oranges and apples. He had given me wine and buns. He didn’t give me what i need. I have concluded: “If you ask man that you want something and he will give it to you, you will be the happiest woman”. I want to be happy and i have a right for it.

I’m searching for a man who will give me what i need…

Women’s happiness

#7 My name

My name is Alexandra…

I’m a daughter of the Empire, tradition and proudness where man has a responsibility for his house and woman, men where is a place of dignity and clearness.

I’m a child of justice and pride. I’m a woman by King’s hands, what gives a freedom and takes the nature of humanity. Authority calls to my land of divinity and law. The beauty of humanity is my name, the lines of the rivers are the veins in the human entity what gives the blood to be a water and absorb the cries of the afflicted and exclamations of the celebrants. I have the sword for resurrecting the peace and love. I’m a creation by constellation the stars of culture, power and knowledge.

My mouth talks the speech of rights and voices by people what asks the protection and possibilities, my eyes look at the opportunities to make this world better, my nose breathes the scents of a divine garden, my feets are going on the land created by God what means the land of hopes, my hands nurture the lotus what will be forever clean.

My name is Alexandra…

Designer, artist, PhD candidate

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