Listening the thoughts

Alexandra Miracle
Jun 23 · 4 min read


What was happened with Marry?

I cannot live with him anymore… without any kind of suggestions, or being honest, to be married. Hm, very interesting, beans, red, 100%. Great quality, and if i’ll call him and tell that, we have to do something with OUR life. We are together, but the senses, something specious. Wine, this white, will mean something and than we can talk.

Oh, how may i say about it? I love him… It’s srange, every time when i’m thinking about it, i bite my lips. He loves me in anyway. I’m really beautiful woman. But something was strange last days… No, i think it’s just my thought… We are created for the each other. He has a prestigious work. And i’m strong, administrator! A lot of power, i’m kidding.

We can have a house and build a great family. Sounds fantastic and happy. But what’s about him… He didn’t tell me anything about our future. Spaghetti, pasta, Oo, red PEPPER. He will like it (smiling). I have to be italian, really passionated woman. But if i’ll start to talk about, he’ll support my decision or not. I don’t know. We haven’t talked about our family. This word means a lot. I think, i’m scared. I want to be married, but how will he react? Anything, everything… Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Sauce, i was searching for it and …

Bride. That’s it

What was it for the last few years? Or starting from my childhood… My friends, family, house…

What am i doing right now? Chris, you are the best, why have you decided to be a star?

Why i don’t want to go to Liverpool and sorry, haha… I’m John Lennon. Funny thoughts.

But, really, i need changes. I have to go to Everest, ambitious. Who am i? 37, brandy, whisky, coca-cola. Haha, like in the russian song. And, deep voice, hot women. I’m a brutal man…(smiling). I have to think about stubble. Maybe, it can make the changes (sighs). I’m not married and I don’t need all of these hot women. I want her… I want to be clear. Hey (he is taking the photo), beautiful. Flower. I think I’m ready… You are my greatest change. I want to be white with you. You wait for me and i”ll come.

He is getting up and taking the bag.


I’m a supergirl. People think that i’m hot, smart and “fluppy”. Why am I carrying about it? I met a filmmaker a few days ago in our club and got the ideas about what will be with my life!!!

I need a boyfriend, work or what else… the question of “normality” has to be in my mind.

But when you belong to someone… I need money… If i want to choose by myself.

I have to change my gym. Maybe, I can imagine and it’ll be realised. The girls talk everytime about men. I don’t think it’s the right direction for me. Why have they to select one for marriage? I want to be this one for someone. But love is not the same. It’s something about soul, senses… When i can care, wonder and trust. Why will my man think about me? When he will tell me “I love you”… Is it a question just about beauty? All of us, girls, are beautiful and different…

Bursting a bubble gum..

Mr. Officer

I’m writing to you again. I cannot stop to think about people. I’ll not be never into society

where the law isn’t supported, when people don’t regard the culture. How could we build the roads, intelligent community based on humanity and respect. One russian filmmaker said:

“Human needs human”. But what does it mean “to be a human”? I’m a man. I’m strong and understand any responsibilities for my family and colleagues. It’s important when

people will talk about who they are… Starting with understanding. who is a citizen. What does it mean if the number of people with whom i talk is more than 4, 5 and etc. Maybe, it calls “society”?

Why is it too difficult to explain that everything has to be clear, because it’s about health and esteeming each other including yourself. We need real leader for opening up the eyes by people. Kindness, honesty, decency are the most important things what saves humanity as a needed factor for making the difference between animal and human. Morality and any standards what can be related to Law created us. We consist of it.

Please, develop your intelligence through education. And it’s already other one, very deep and required to be considered a question…

Dignity, compassion, honour…

Alexandra Miracle

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