Family Vacation 2050

Alexandra Whittington
Jul 5 · 10 min read
© Alexandra Whittington

I. ‘No Passport Required’

A future where virtual tourism experiences create meaning and satisfaction for single travelers tends to leave families stranded.

First appearance of gaming systems designed for virtual travel.

Family-friendly resorts and destinations shut their doors.

First virtual travelogue published.

II. ‘Seat 1A’

A future where the personalized real-life experience of singleton travel in 2050 tends towards the privileged, with extreme, possibly even voyeuristic overtones. Family vacations are not encouraged.

Nostalgia for summer family vacation expressed through art: award-winning film of 2050 is a documentary made from historical footage of a 1970s family vacation to an amusement park.

Some regions discourage single travelers with surcharges, while others go so far as to prohibit solo visitors.

Stereotypes of the single t as deviant or antisocial results in public service ad campaigns depicting the lone tourist as a threat to be avoided.

Personalized measurement of ecological footprint developed and becomes part of processing travelers through airports, customs and borders.

III. ‘See the World From Your Living Room’

A future where virtual travel opportunities are prevalent and mass marketed.

Extreme incidents of socio-political instability in tourist areas that result in frequent travel bans, warnings and risks.

Simplicity movement grows in light of irreversible environmental crises and mass overconsumption.

Transhumanist travel organization established.

IV. ‘Meet the Globe Trotters’

Family-friendly “real life” travel will be the norm, but limited to the most elite family groups.

Bodyguards and personal devices designed to provide intelligence and security to traveling groups.

End of the single hotel room.

Increased number of programs to train, certify and support travel industry employees. Travel industry is a highly lucrative and desirable career.


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