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Πάμε πίσω στο χρόνο… όταν η Κύπρος ήταν σπουδαίος εμπορικός σταθμός με επιδέξιους τεχνίτες, που χρησιμοποιούσαν 100% φυσικές τεχνικές για να φτιάξουν ενδυμασίες. Εστιάζοντας στην ιστορία των φυσικών βαφών του…

All the information below are taken and translated from the leaflets of the Akrotiri Enviromental Education Centre

Akrotiri village is situated on the southern part of Cyprus. It is believed that it was a separate island which later attached to the main land of Cyprus. In the middle of the village there is a salt lake which hosts various species of fauna and flora.

Villagers have been using plants that grow in this area such as ‘floudi’, ‘samadji’, ‘sklinidji’, ‘rousouthkia’ and ‘hondros’.

About plant preparation and tecniques: https://dochub.com/alexandrapambouka/BDlOj7/preparation-and-tecniques-akrotiri?dt=53r5bpoxi1bj2hb2

The baskets in Akrotiri village:


A chair at the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre

All the information below is taken and translαted from Mr Onisiforos Neophytou’s booklet, The Basketry in Mesogi, Pafos, 2014

There are no written testimonials about when people first started basketmaking in Mesogi. It might have been around the end of the 19th century or the beginning of 20th century, due…

Alexandra Pambouka

I am a Visual Artist with a background in Cultural Policy and Development. Since 2016 I have been practicing and researching the field of basketry.

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