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Name: Sabra Embury
DOB: Jan 26 / Aquarius
Place of Birth: Jeonju, South Korea
Occupation: Artist

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
I’ve had a somewhat unusual life since birth. I’ve never lived in one home too long. My father (RIP) was an Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force. He met my mom when he was stationed in Korea, and she was a teen. We lived in a different city every year until they divorced when I was eight. …

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Image Johan Deckmann, Coolhunting


Name: Johan Deckmann
DOB: 1 July 1976
Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark
Occupation: Artist, Psychotherapist and Author

Who are you?
I live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I have my studio as well as my psychological practice. I’m an educated psychotherapist who also works as an artist. However, my art has been overwhelmingly received throughout the world, and I enjoy doing it, so I will definitely continue.

Psychotherapist, writer, artist; makes complete sense to me as art is THE vehicle for psychological interaction, though, disruption of the daily grind and eventually awareness. How did your immediate surrounding react when they saw you bridge being the artist and the therapist?
Before my book series I was already painting, making sculptures and writing music, so my surroundings already knew me as an artist. …

The digital journal of Wølf, a place for curiosity, open-mindedness and a moment of reflection. Viewpoints by and about old friends, and those inspiring people we met along the way.

We are all born knowing we are unique and lovable. However, in response to a value system that trivialises emotional truth and intuitive wisdom, we start to follow the rules and focus on survival. Bringing clarity, creativity and authenticity back to oneself sounds simple but can be challenging.

We hope the stories help support individual journeys. Trust your guts and wolf it!

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The London based project and the stories, inspired by the dulcet hues of the Austrian Alps and the casual vibes of Southern California.

Reading Dr Estés’ ‘Women who ran with the wolves’, studying the concept of the Bruce Lipton’s ‘Biology of Belief’ and my post traumatic work, I started to convert the idea of seeing into one’s original nature into designs. With a lot of ideas and inspirations floating around, everything just clicked into place; it was serendipitous synchronicity.

The design focuses above all on supporting, reclaiming and rejoicing the primal and instinctual nature. Each piece is made with craftsmanship excellence and carries an attitude — radiating confidence, translating the journey of personal growth into somewhat ‘time-worn’ and ‘imperfect’ design elements.

Every piece is engraved with the slogan “Wolf It” on the back of it. For so long our collective view of wolves has been negative, and we may think of them with fear. However, these beautiful creatures are very sweet, and gentle beings, teaching us a great deal about respect, kindness, leadership and partnership. …


Alexandra Plesner

Austrian creative strategist primary based in London, working worldwide.

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