For love

We were sweet and soft together today

What change has taken over us?

The sour, churning waters we drown in time after time

Have receded like a dream.

It is I who calls the rain

Crying for water to wash away

The oily sickness, the smell and trash of

Generations of suffering.

And you who burns it away

A whipped frenzy to survive the tempest.

You burn out of control, while I nearly drown us both

And for a moment once it passes

We have cleared the area

A clean, calm, beautiful moment.

That must have been this morning.

In our pajamas, in happy restoration

We scrubbed

We kissed the stains away.

It is hard to appreciate the nature of things

The still after the world is torn apart, to start again.

I am beginning to understand that the moment cannot stand still

And it is wasted if not held gently.

And it is wasted if not freed firmly.