Lamentation of Extinction

I am just so incredibly weary and heartbroken. With our connectivity comes access to astounding and terrible information. Daily it seems there is some new, devastating evidence of our action toward animals, our environment, and each other.

What goes through the heart of the whale and the elephant and the pigeon and bee as they are crushed beneath us in our cacophony of slaughter? How did we come to this point of such unfeeling waste? Some sharks are fished by the millions for only their fin. It is cut from them alive and they are thrown back into the ocean to die.

What prayers do they pray as the sink into the depths? Do they cry for their fellow who has done them so ill? Do they hate the human in their last moments? Do they hold the hope of impossible survival? As we massacre and exterminate our brothers and sisters do they pity us our monstrousness?

Let it be clear, we are not far behind them. We are not exempt from the extermination.

We cannot live without the incredible beasts on land and the deep ocean or birds or insects or lizards and snakes. We cannot live without our plant life that feels and communicates. Sinking into our suicide, we are bathed in blood and we think it is camouflage. Do we think it will hide our own, somehow make it vanish?

We cannot live without our beautiful environment. Who has taught us to treat it so? Who has taught us to hate it so? As the dying sharks sink to the depths do they cry for their murderer, their brother the human? Do the other animals know that we sign our own death warrant?