Why would anyone read that?

I think everyone who shares their writing with the world — perhaps always, but especially in the age of the Internet — struggles with the idea of writing about themselves. Not that everyone is uncomfortable with it, or doesn’t want to talk about their lives, but I think rather the fear and concern is that nobody will think it’s particularly interesting.

We have an endless amount of choices of what to consume. It seems like everyone has a blog and a podcast, etc. Sometimes you start to wonder, what makes your voice different from all the noise? Will anyone listen to what I have to say? Or care? Why should they? Is it even worth bothering to try?

All of those concerns are totally valid. But the more I think about it, I think that’s exactly the reason that everyone SHOULD share their lives and unique stories with the world. There’s only one of each of us, and you’re the only person who can tell your story. It’s never been easier to do that in the history of the entire world. And the world needs your story. So share it!

I’ll be sharing mine, with no regrets. Thank you for listening ❤️

(My unique perspective for the day: I watched Tom Brady get his hair cut for charity on Instagram live. It was glorious. You should check it out.)