I used to watch tv shows. I still do. But for months now, I might have been rethinking what a tv show means. Generally, it has to provide some sort of knowledge and entertainment. And this guy below does just that.

Casey Neistat is completely redefining what it means to be a filmmaker nowadays. He shoots a vlog every day, edit it nicely and post it online. He has millions of subscribers on YouTube, btw. Plus, he’s usually doing interesting stuff. The perfect combo. You have the benefits of a tv show of 40' length in 8' to 10' uploaded religiously.

This is what the platform called YouTube and vloggers such as Casey are doing in the filmmaking category — reconfiguring how benefits will be profitably delivered to consumers. This is happening in so many industries right now. In the movie industry alone, Casey’s vlogs for example come with the same benefits just as traditional tv shows used to, but are also providing immediacy which I do consider a value-added opportunity.

It is a perfect fit for what consumers want, for where the global economy is headed. Such YouTube movies are leading the way, but online-filmmaker- economy model is what’s around the curve.

*I intended to write about that for weeks, but now seemed like the perfect time since Casey’ s been named 2nd industry influencer by Forbes Magazine.

Exciting times are coming for sure!

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