Meaningful writing

Some may say that I read a lot. As it happens, I found through the years hundreds of meaningful words that I keep in my mind and soul. Some I share on Fb, Tw or my blog. And I really wish every time you see smth written or shared by me, you found it meaningful or interesting.

Also, I love to keep my shares and texts short. But there are people, professionals in mkt, branding, SEO and so on who put out here a lot of shit. Long, long articles, thousands of words you need to cut through for one random idea. And these people receive tons of good feedback. Like, retweet, favorite and so. Why? Because they are content/mkt/seo managers but aren’t able to write a meaningful text online?

For 2016 let’s make a resolution to pay attention to every text we read, no matter who wrote it and have a sense of gratitude only for the meaningful ones. Writing is life. Life is art. Writing should be art, not bullshit. Let’s stick with the writing/reading good stuff in 2016 maybe. Happy New Year!

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