Please welcome the new 2019 Foundation ExCo and Council.

At around 4am last night as many of you were sleeping, there was a powerful movement happening across the globe where diverse voices became action and began voting on the NEM blockchain (all real time and transparent) for who would lead the NEM Foundation in 2019. I am humbled and honored to announce my Presidency.

I want to say congratulations to our newly elected ExCo and Council: Nelson Valero, Jason Lee, Dona Rinon, Jeff McDonald, Mark Price, Pedro Gutierrez, Steve Li, Anton Bosenko, and Hiroki Koga.

I am honored to…

Leading blockchain application technology, NEM, will provide the blockchain back-end for Kind HEAVEN’s premier immersive, state-of-the-art Las Vegas entertainment venue


Yesterday we announced that Kind HEAVEN, the immersive entertainment experience opening next year on the Las Vegas Strip, will integrate blockchain technology using the NEM platform, with Asta as its official development partner.

Kind HEAVEN is a groundbreaking destination and revolutionary movement combining cutting-edge RF technology (wearables) with Hollywood-style storytelling to transport audiences to a new world where they’ll experience the best of Southeast Asian culture, art, music, food, and fashion on and offline.

This is a community, unlike…

New NEM Blockchain Hubs, Mulechain Interview with Ralph Liu, NEMsp Network Trial, PoliPoli App and Enspiral Dev Studio.


Today’s show is all about expansion. I’ll be discussing the newly launched NEM blockchain hubs, give a highlight of the NEMsp Network pilot, discuss the new community fund guidelines, share regional updates plus we have an interview with the Ralph Liu, CEO of MuleChain.


Let’s get started! This past week we announced a partnership with Enspiral Dev Academy, New Zealand’s premiere full immersion web development school. They train programmers to work with blockchain. …

Introducing NEM North America, NEM Updates Available Soon On Blockfolio’s Signal Beta, and UN Event Highlights

Exciting news in today’s episode! NEM gets a new headquarters in North America and I’ll be leading the charge. We’ve got new partnerships to announce with the Blockfolio Signal Beta being one of the them. I also share some highlights from my most recent trip to the United Nations for Blockchain for Impact.— Alexandra


In this episode, I’m going to cover the NEM Foundation setting up a North American office and the leadership behind it. I’ve also got news about the popular cryptocurrency…

Consensus Trade Show Recap, NEM Private Blockchain Releases To Everyone and Exclusive Interview with Ken Huang from DistributedApps.

This episode highlights the release of Catapult on the private chain, our presence at the Consensus trade show in New York as well as a sampling of real companies building and deploying on the NEM blockchain. I also interview Ken Huang (at the 9:37 mark) on why he’s a big supporter of NEM. — Alexandra


In this episode, I’m going to focus on the roll out of Catapult, the NEM permission blockchain now open to everyone last week and what this…

Part of the Catapult (mijin v.2) Preview Beta Launch Series With Alex Tinsman, Global Director of Communications for NEM

1. What’s your role on the development team?

As you might have heard already, I’m one of NEM core Developers. Some backstory. We met on BTT in Jan 2014, in a thread related to JavaScript implementation of NXT signing and signature verification library.

UtopianFuture came with an idea of NEM chain, he initially wanted it to be a fork of NXT, but there were many things that we didn’t like in NXT’s codebase at that time. In Feb 2014 the first commit in NEM source code was made. We were working in our free time, so it took us quite some time to get to mainnet release in…

Part of the Catapult (mijin v.2) Preview Beta Launch Series With Alex Tinsman, Global Director of Communications for NEM

1. What’s your role on the development team?

I have been working in NEM Foundation for the last ten months, my main role has been help in the Catapult RESTful API development as well as develop the NEM2-SDKs.

Also, before join the NEM Foundation, I was involved in NEM as community member and developed the nem-library along with Guillem, I was able to see some weaknesses that NEM has and experimenting the community involvement in the process. It has given me the opportunity to provide better feedback and introduce some improvement in the tools layer.

2. What has been challenging about the development process?

Working alongside the core devs is a day-to-day challenge. They’ve been working together…

Everything you need to know for the upcoming Consensus Trade Show in New York on May 14–16

We’ve highlighted some of the most anticipated features ranging from NEM’s exclusive partnerships to hot new products and Catapult demos.


In past years, NEM has kept a relatively low profile at the Consensus Trade Show in New York while our team worked behind-the-scenes testing Catapult, the long awaited product update to the NEM Blockchain. For perspective, in 2017, our Consensus presence was a modest 10x10 turnkey kiosk and team of six.

New Trading Platforms Added, NEMcubator Winners, Interviews with MyCoinVest and Paytomat

The episode is all about new ways to transact using NEM. From recently added exchanges to innovative partners who’ve created platforms to help you save, invest and grow your portfolio no matter where you are or what you do.— Alexandra


In this episode I’m going to discuss new trading platforms for NEM-based tokens, global events, the SoCal NEMcubator, current community proposals including an interview with the myCoinVest team, and new products in development including an interview with the Paytomat team, which provides a way to use cryptos as every day currencies by enabling stores and online merchants to accept…

Part of the Catapult (mijin v.2) Preview Beta Launch Series With Alex Tinsman, Global Director of Communications for NEM

NEM Catapult is the highly anticipated update to the NEM blockchain. The NEM Catapult Private Developer Beta is in full force with hundreds of participants from all over the world. This Beta showcases the technology that will first be used for the private chains and then later for the NEM public chain. Tech Bureau NEM Core Developer, Kaiyzen, will be at the Consensus blockchain technology summit in New York on May 14–16 along with 70+ NEM partners and team members. Come by the Sutton Center Pavilion to say hello! Until then, I grabbed some time with him this week to…

Alexandra Tinsman

Hi, I'm Alex - President of the Foundation.

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